The Office of Research Administration supports ECU’s research enterprise through a broad range of services. Our staff helps researchers through every step of the proposal process, from providing guidance and oversight during development, to negotiating awards on behalf of the university, to fund utilization and risk management. We maintain and operate institutional systems designed to support proposal submission, cost accounting, financial reporting, and data analysis.

Services (5)

Data Analytics Request

The Data Request form is a ticket for faculty and staff to submit new requests for research data.

eTRACS Service and Support

Please provide feedback related to the functionality of eTRACS – especially if find errors or inconsistencies. If you have suggestions about improving the system or adjusting it, we’d appreciate knowing about that as well.

REDE Desktop Support (REDE Staff Only)

Desktop Support for REDE staff only. This includes but not limited to, computer re-imaging, network connectivity, ECU supported software, and printer support.

REDE Security Access Change (REDE Staff Only)

Submit this form on behalf of REDE staff onboarding or exiting from the division.

Research Compliance Support

ePirate support, research compliance special projects, and other research analytics requests.