This tracking tool is used to request scheduled reports or changes to existing scheduled reports by Systems Coordination. Questions about a specific reporting need should be directed to the Systems Coordination staff.

Categories (4)

Banner Report Requests and Changes in the Finance module.

Banner Report Requests and Changes in the Human Resources module.

Banner Report Requests and Changes in the Student module.

HR/Payroll/ITCS will submit requests for system configuration changes, system loads, import changes, etc.

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Services (4)

Ad-Hoc Report

Request for one time data need either once a year or one time only.

FUPLOAD Data Processing

FUPLOAD processing for Banner Transactions.

Investigate Data Concerns

Troubleshoot data concerns and research data processes or ideas.

Security Access Modifications

Changes to Piratedrive Financial Services, Banner Finance FOMPROF records, Banner Finance Activity Codes, Banner Finance Approval Queues and Systems Coordination-developed ecuBIC query subscriptions.