Submit tickets to create or update existing Finance or HR/Payroll reports; investigate Banner Finance error messages or data discrepancies; make modifications to security components related to BSR, DOA, or ecuBIC queries; or update system configurations where we are the data owner/system administrator.

Categories (4)

Finance Module

Banner Report Requests and Changes in the Finance module.

Human Resources Module

We have consolidated HR requests. Please submit the HR/Payroll Support request.

Kronos Administrator Support

HR/Payroll/ITCS submit requests for system configuration changes, system loads, import changes, etc. **Authorized Personnel only.**

PCI/ eCommerce

Request support for eCommerce related activities: U-Store requests, POS terminals, PCI system reviews, user access/password resets for TouchNet, ClientLine, Payeezy and Clover. Also includes PCI-related activities like PCI system reviews and any request directly related to devices in scope for PCI (credit card data) or the PCI firewall. This includes but is not limited to, any changes needed for a PCI workstation, any PCI firewall changes, and the addition, removal or relocation of PCI workstations, printers or POS Terminals. **NEVER enter any credit card information into a your request.**

Services (5)

Ad-Hoc Data Request

Request for one-time data need either once a year or one time only.

FUPLOAD Data Processing

FUPLOAD processing for Banner Transactions.

HR/Payroll Support

Request support to create or update HR/Payroll reports, investigate Banner HR error messages or data discrepancies, SprinTax issues or update system configurations where Systems Coordination is the administrator.

Investigate Data Concerns

Troubleshoot data concerns and research data processes or ideas.

Security Access Modifications

Submit for changes to Banner Finance FOMPROF records, BSR approvers and delegation of authority approvers and Systems Coordination-developed ecuBIC query subscriptions.