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25Live is ECU's web-based reservation request and event scheduling solution. All ECU staff, faculty, and registered student organizations can use the 25Live system to reserve space on campus. Users must complete the 25Live Requestor Training in order to have access to 25Live.


*Accounts and Passwords Support

For general problems with your PirateID such as a locked account or a passphrase reset, visit for resolution. If the problem persists, please submit this service request.

*Business Support

If you cannot find the service you need from the list above, use this form to request support, and we'll get you to the right place.

*Clinical Support

If you cannot find the service you need within these categories, click the "Submit a Ticket" button to submit a technology support ticket to the Pirate Techs Technology Support Center.

*Educational Technologies Support

If you cannot find the service you need from the list above, use this form to request support, and we'll get you to the right place.

*Hardware & Printer Support

If you cannot find the service you need from the categories above, please use this form to request support, and we will direct your request to the appropriate technical consultant.

*Multimedia & Video Support

If you cannot find the service you need from the list above, use this form to request support, and we'll get you to the right place.

*Network & Wireless Support

If you cannot find the service you need from the list above, use this form to request support, and we'll get you to the right place.

*Research Computing Support

If you cannot find the service you need from the list above, use this form to request support, and we'll get you to the right place.

*Security, Governance & Compliance General Support

If you cannot find the service you need from the list above, use this form to request support, and we'll get you to the right place.

*Training Support

If you cannot find the service you need within the service catalog, click the Request Support button to submit a technology support ticket.

*Web Services

Services related to our websites, including content management systems and personal websites.


Accounts Payable

Systems Coordination request.

Add Products to Existing U-Store

Campus departments which already utilize a TouchNet Marketplace U-Store can complete this form to obtain approval for new products, FOAPs be added to their existing U-Store and/or to have existing FOAPs updated.

Ad-Hoc Report

Request for one time data need either once a year or one time only.

Admissions Support Request

ECU applicants who require assistance with their Admissions Portal account submit this form.

Adobe Products Licensing

Adobe Creative Cloud graphic design, video, photography and web development suite and Acrobat Pro PDF creation and editing solution available any time during the year.

AppWorx Access Request

AppWorx is a job scheduler used for automation of Banner-related processes. Submit this service to request an AppWorx account.

AppWorx Job Request - Request, Schedule, Migrate

AppWorx is a job scheduler used for automation of Banner-related processes. Submit this form to request a new run request, schedule a process flow (chain), migration (prompt, role, process/chain component change) or modification of an existing job or schedule.

ArcGIS Licensing

Geographic Information System software, includes ArcGIS Desktop, ArcInfo, ArcReader, and others. Create data, update, query, mapping, analysis and displaying system.


AssetWorks AiM is a work management system and database of ECU’s physical space and employee location inventory. This service is only for support personnel to submit service requests for AiM, AIMIQ and related processes.

Audience Response System

These systems provide interaction for student engagement and active learning. Sometimes called clickers.

Audiovisual Consultation

Departments considering an audiovisual equipment update should submit this form.

Audiovisual Support

Request technical support and hands-on training for campus audiovisual equipment.


axiUm is the primary electronic dental records system for School of Dental Medicine patients. This tool is used for appointment registration, billing, dental records, and other patient tracking. If you are a faculty, student, or staff member of the School of Dental Medicine and need assistance with this tool, please submit a request through the SoDM|Assist system at ITCS, BSOM, and other ECU support staff may use this ticketing service to submit axiUm support requests. Do not include personal information such as PHI, HIPAA, FERPA or other sensitive data.


Banner HR - EPAFs and Functional Support

Banner HR is a module of ECU's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Use this service for assistance with Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAFs) and HR Internet Native Banner (INB).

Banner Password and Security Support

Request revocation of Banner security roles and ask general questions related to Banner security and password issues.

Banner Service & Support

Banner is the administrative software application that is a part of all university functions including human resources, admissions, finance and more. Students also register for classes through Banner.

Banner Student Account Modification

Banner Student is a module of ECU's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. A supervisor or manager submits this ticket to request modifications to an employee's Banner Student security access.

Before You Dig - Locate Fiber Optic Cabling Infrastructure

Network Services provides the infrastructure locate service to identify infrastructure fiber optic cabling buried underground at ECU. Before you dig, request an infrastructure locate to prevent unintended and unexpected network outages.


Systems Coordination request.



Request Security Camera and Alarm support and consults from the ECU Police Technical Staff.

Non Emergency ONLY.

Canvas COB

Request assistance or report an issue regarding Canvas, Studio or other Canvas app.

Canvas External User Account

An external account can be requested by a faculty or staff sponsor for a non-ECU user who requires access to participate in a curricular Canvas course.

Canvas Support

Canvas is ECU's learning management system for delivery of educational courses.

Cellular & Pager Services

Information about cellular and pager services.

Cellular POS Terminal Rental

Campus departments with a limited/short-term need to collect in-person payments may benefit from our Cellular POS Rental program. To initiate the rental request, complete this form.


Chrome River Service Request

Chrome River is a reimbursement system that ECU uses to electronically create, submit and approve pre-approvals, expense reports and ProCard Reconciliation.

Cisco Finesse Call Center

Cisco Finesse is ECU’s call center software for clinics, help desks and other customer service offices.

Clinical Website Update

Request a content or photo update to an ECUP clinical website.

Clinical/Proctoring Recording Service & Support

Ocularis (formerly OnSS)I, Clinical Recording Solution, is a campus-wide recording solution to manage audio/video recordings for HIPAA, PHI, clinical and academic proctoring. Submit this support form to resolve login, access or recording/observation issues, equipment requests, etc. or to request a demonstration and room walk-through consultation before a quote is prepared. Access and Support

Submit this request for each associated protocol or individual who requires a account.

College of Engineering & Technology Tech Support

Request service from CET Technical Services team

Computer & Printer Support

Request assistance or report an issue with your workstation, classroom and conference room technology or other technology need.

Computer Labs Support

Report a lab issue or request a software/equipment consultation for a computer lab.

Computer Support

Request installation and repair assistance for ECU-managed computers, clinic support and purchase quotes.

Computer Virus/Malware Issues

ECU-managed computers only. If you suspect your work computer is infected with a virus or other malware, submit this form for help.

Conference Now Account

Conference Now is an audio-only conferencing option available through the dial-in feature of our Cisco telephone system. Submit this ticket to request your account be enabled.


This form is to be used by those seeking assistance with potential research. Please complete this form to request a consultation with the CoE: Office of Research.

Consultation Services

Our office provides consultation services and data assistance. These can be formal or informal and will be suited to your needs.

Cornerstone Course Packaging

Cornerstone is ECU's training management system for faculty and staff. After approval through Human Resources, online learning courses and assigned training are packaged into a specific format and uploaded by a Cornerstone administrator.

Cornerstone Employee Training Portal

Cornerstone is a training management system for ECU. Employees and student workers can register for online modules, LinkedIn Learning courses and assigned training sessions through this portal.

Cornerstone Security

Cornerstone is ECU's employee learning management system. Users who require assistance with their account, such as security access and permissions, should complete this form.

Cornerstone Support

Cornerstone is ECU's employee learning management system. Users who require assistance with training, such as reviewing their transcript or scheduling events, should complete this form.

Course Technology Consultation

Request a consultation for guidance on UDL, Hyflex Learning and Quality Matters plus tips for more engaging learning activities and accessible content.

Course Websites

ECU's is available for hosting course websites.

CrashPlan Backup Support & Installation

Licensed by ECU, this backup application is available to departments for an annual per person license fee.


Data Analytics Request

The Data Request form is a ticket for faculty and staff to submit new requests for research data.

Data and Report Request

The Data and Report Request form is a centralized ticket for faculty and staff to submit new requests for institutional data and reports.

Data Center Hardware Install

Request the installation of department hardware such as servers, network switches storage and other equipment in the Cotanche and/or Brody Data Centers.

Data Center Hardware Removal

Request the removal of department hardware such as servers, network switches, storage, etc., from either the Cotanche or Brody Data Center.

Data Information

Request a report or dataset.

Database Problem Support

Submit this request to report Database issues/outages in production, test, training and development environments.

Database Service Request

Submit this request for development and test code migration, database object creation and maintenance, data refreshes, user account creation (non-Banner) and any other database-related service.

DatAdvantage Security Reporting

DatAdvantage tracks permissions and data changes on department Piratedrive folders and emails a report to owners.

Degree Works

This system allows students to run a degree audit and to also see how degree requirements change if they switch their program of study. Send this request to report a non-functioning process or production issue, general feedback or non-production issue, or to request a new system or new request for service.

Device Encryption

Have encryption enabled on your Android, iOS or Windows tablet, Linux, Mac or Windows desktop/laptop, Thin Client or USB hard drive or USB flash drive.

Digital Badge Creation

Faculty and staff submit this request to have a new classroom engagement or co-curricular engagement badge designed for a class, training or other activity. A brief training on issuing badges is also required.

Digital Signage

ECU’s digital signage system manages marketing, emergency and departmental multimedia content across over 150 TV screens across the Main and Health Sciences campuses.

Division of Health Sciences

System Coordination request. For DHS Admin & Finance – Systems Support Use ONLY

DocuSign Support

Submit this request for assistance with DocuSign, an electronic signature service. New users log in to to create an account. Authentication required.

Domain Name Service (DNS) Change

Abbreviated DNS, the Domain Name System assigns user-friendly names to the devices within the domain/s of a TCP/IP network. System and application administrators within your department may request to change the IP address associated with their associated ECU domain name.

Domain Name Service (DNS) Request

Abbreviated DNS, the Domain Name System assigns user-friendly names to the devices within the domain/s of a TCP/IP network. System and application administrators within your department may request to change the IP address associated with their associated ECU domain name.


eCommerce Account Support

Users who currently have an account but need to have this password reset or their account unlocked for any of the following systems should complete this form: TouchNet, Clientline, AMEX, Payeezy and Clover.

ECU Calendar

ECU's Events Calendar, powered by Localist, is the central location to view upcoming events.

ECU Email Support

ECU email is available through the Microsoft 365 subscription and includes email, calendar, contacts and more. See this service's related articles to learn more details. Submit this form to request assistance or a department email account.

ECU Mobile App

Access the ECU directory, campus maps, the course catalog, East Carolinian news, sports, campus events and more!

ECU Wired Network

Both residence halls and campus buildings include wired network ports. Submit this request to report a problem or request connection assistance for your device. This includes connecting a desktop, laptop and scheduling implementation of a file server, network attached storage (NAS) or Internet of Things (IoT) device.

ECU Wireless Networks

Overview of ECU wireless networks. If you are having problems with your wireless connection, please complete this service request.

ECUP Project Request

Submit this request if you have a project proposal for ECU Physicians.


Please proceed to the inMotion self-register link to set up your account using your ECU credentials.

Educational Event Recording

Research and Multimedia Services can record your educational event using video capture technology, then provide a link to be distributed to your audience. Events include lectures, conferences, presentations and events. Normal working hours: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Friday with events ending at 5:00 p.m.

EHR Ambulatory Support

Please submit this form if you require assistance with the HealthSpan ambulatory system. Your request will be reviewed by Desktop Support Services first to rule out any local technical issues.

EHR Modify User Access

Submit to request HealthSpan (EPIC electronic health record) system access to modify existing access or to delete a user's access.

EHR New User Access

Submit to request HealthSpan (EPIC electronic health record) system access for new users.

EHR Provider Time-Out / Clinic Change Request

Please submit this request for any provider clinic schedule modifications or closures.

EHR Report Request

HealthSpan Report requests must have prior IRB approval before a report is distributed. Refer to the ECU HIPAA Privacy Policy for details.

EHR Rev Cycle Support

Submit this form for help with the HealthSpan (EPIC electronic health record) system or to request an investigation, modification of an application or system, a new application or system or software deployment.

Employee Account Access Termination

Supervisors submit this request BEFORE an employee's separation date to remove access to IT systems.

Employee Account Access Transfer

Supervisors submit this form prior to the last work day when an employee transfers to another area of the university.

Employee Computer Replacement Selector

Complete this request once you receive notification of your computer replacement eligibility.

Employee Job

Systems Coordination request.

Enterprise Data Management Support

The Enterprise Data Management Support Services (EDMSS) team collaborates with the campus community to manage ECU's data. This team develops data modeling, metadata management and data quality solutions.


ePrint is a web-based repository that allows end users to securely view Banner reports. Security permissions for access required.

Submit this service request for new reports, report deletions or modifications, login issues or questions.

eTRACS Service and Support

Please provide feedback related to the functionality of eTRACS – especially if find errors or inconsistencies. If you have suggestions about improving the system or adjusting it, we’d appreciate knowing about that as well.


In conjunction with Banner, ECU utilizes Evisions' IntelleCheck as our check writing software and FormFusion as the template for printing special forms such as W2s, 1099s, transcripts, grade reports and blanket order forms. Security permissions for access required. Submit this form to report FormFusion email, PDF or printing issues, Intellicheck printing issues, login problems or questions.

Export Controls Review

ECU users planning international travel on behalf of ECU should submit this form to deterrmine whether additional approval, licensing or other coordination is necessary for export control purposes.


Facilities & Operations

Request assistance or report an issue with COB facilities, maintenance or housekeeping.

Faculty180 and Scholars@ECU

Faculty180 is the university’s faculty activity reporting system. Faculty180 information is used to create public profile pages on Scholars@ECU.

Fax Service Account & Support

The ECU fax server allows staff, faculty and departments to easily and securely send and receive documents directly through Outlook.

FERPA Data Hosting Approval

Submit this request to the Office of the Registrar for approval to host (store) FERPA data.

File Sharing

ECU blocks all file-sharing traffic on the university’s network. Submit this request for an exception to use software such as BitTorrent, uTorrent, or Vuze for a legitimate business or academic purpose.

Find a Doctor Service Update

Request an update to the ECUP "Find a Doctor" service.

Firewall Change Request

Your department may submit a Firewall Change request to update the access for department resources that require firewall managed services.

Fixed Assets

Systems Coordination request.

Formstack Online Form Builder

Formstack is a replacement for your paper forms. Easily transition to electronic forms and build in smart workflows, approvals, and routing. No special programming skills are required – everything is web based and security is managed for each user individually. Users are empowered to create their own forms within Formstack while receiving support from ITCS in getting started and answering questions.

FUPLOAD Data Processing

FUPLOAD processing for Banner Transactions.


GDPR Data Subject Rights Request - Non-ECU

Under the GDPR, individuals can request organizations to exercise rights around the use and collection of personal data and only applies to personal information captured or processed while a Data Subject is physically residing in the European Economic Area (EEA). For non-ECU requests only.

General Ledger

Systems Coordination request.

General Support

Can't find the service you need? This form routes to the Pirate Techs Technology Support Center. URL Shortener

Available to all faculty and staff, "" is ECU's internal URL shortening service that allows customization of long URLs to a more user-friendly, easily-recognizable format for print, web or social media purposes.

Got News

Submit an article or an idea for publication to COB internal and external stakeholders.

Greenphire Exceptions Database

For one-time incentive payment of $25 or less to an individual in a calendar year, or participant payments for which the research protocol costs, or technical issues preclude the use of Greenphire debit cards, you must enter your information into this Greenphire Exceptions Request site.

NOTE: If gift cards are your payment solution, before you purchase any cards, you must first obtain an approved Authorization for the Purchase of Gift Cards/Gift Certifications, Incentives, or Prizes form. This form and instructions can be found in the Guide to Materials Management on Materials Management's webpage.

Greenphire Service Request

Greenphire is a system to track and pay research study participants.


High Performance Computing (HPC) Access

Administered by ITCS and managed by the Departments of Chemistry and Biology, the high performance computing (HPC) lab offers ECU researchers with high-end computational power to apply to complex computing tasks.


Information Security Awareness Development

Submit this request for assistance with developing security content for your area.

Information Security Management Assistance

Submit this form to request guidance on your department's business processes to ensure the security of your department's information.

Information Security Risk Acceptance

Submit this request for assistance with the identification, assessment and management of risks to University information.

Information Security Standards for ECU

The Information Security Office maintains information security standards for ECU which define the responsibilities of all employees for protecting university information.

Innovation Portal Service Request

Innovation Portal service request form for inventions, innovations and ventures.


Systems Coordination request.

Investigate Data Concerns

Troubleshoot data concerns and research data processes or ideas.

IT Accessibility Consultation

ECU is committed to providing accessible technology and educational resources. Request an IT Accessibility Consultation to learn how to develop accessible content, including: instructional materials, Microsoft Office files, web pages, and announcements.

IT Accessibility Training

Learn more about IT accessibility and how to apply the standards through these training courses.

IT Project Request

A project is a temporary planned undertaking with a definitive beginning and end. Submit this 3-part form to request an IT project.


Journal Entry Approvals

Submit this request to update Banner journal entry approval queues.

Joyner Library Technical Support

Request technical support from the Joyner Library technical support team.


Lab PPE Cleaning Supplies

Request sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer for a student computer lab.

Learning Tech Admin Access

Departmental IT or staff can request administrator privileges to Learning Technologies for which they have access.

Lecture Capture

Request assistance or report an issue with lecture capture.

Lecture Capture Schedule Recording

Schedule a recording in a classroom (supported classrooms only).

Library Website and Web Application Support

The Joyner, Music, and Laupus Library websites provide access to a wide variety of scholarly databases, journals, and librarians to assist you in your research. Submit this request to let us know if you encounter a problem using our sites.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an educational video platform taught by industry experts in software, creative and business skills. ECU provides all users with an account.


A listserv is software used to manage an email discussion group. Submit this form to request a new listserv for a class or group. Faculty and staff may also join the ECU Announce listserv.


Materials Management

Systems Coordination request.

Microsoft Forms Support

Create surveys, quizzes and polls using the Microsoft Forms app available through your ECU Microsoft 365 subscription.

Microsoft Imagine Academy

MSIA is a free technology skills training benefit through Microsoft available to staff, students and faculty.

Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint

Service and support for OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, Flow and PowerApps in Office 365

Microsoft Office Install (Non-Employee)

Request Microsoft Office for a NON-EMPLOYEE user working on campus using an ECU-managed computer.

Microsoft Power Apps Support

Build highly-tailored, low-code apps to modernize and automate your processes using pre-built templates, drag-and-drop simplicity and quick deployment. Submit this request for help using Power Apps.

Microsoft Power Automate Support

Power Automate is a powerful, built-in workflow engine. Quickly automate your workflows, enable business logic to simplify app building, and model your processes across connected data sources and services.

Microsoft SharePoint Support

ECU Collaborate, or SharePoint, is a secure, web-based service available to faculty, staff and student organizations to store, organize, share, and access information from almost any device.

Microsoft Software Install

Submit for installation of department-purchased Microsoft Project or Visio software as well as Microsoft Visual Studio.

Microsoft Teams Support

Microsoft Teams is the hub for team collaboration in Microsoft 365 that integrates the people, content and tools your team needs to be more engaged and effective.

Microsoft Windows OS for Students

All enrolled students are eligible for a FREE Windows 10 operating system download.

Mobile Device Management - Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune helps users balance data access with data security on a mobile device.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

MFA is a security action to verify your identity during log in to ECU resources.

Multimedia and Animation Services

ITCS Multimedia Services develops interactive instructional materials and can work with you to plan and design a custom solution to meet your instructional needs.


MyWeb is a self-service option to provide individual HTML web space to faculty, staff and students for hosting academic-related content or research.


NC Identity Management Service (NCID)

NCID is a web portal providing a secure environment for state agency, local government, business and individual users to access state application systems, such as Central Motor Pool.

Network Consultations for Departments

Network Services provides consultation, design and implementation for all voice, data and infrastructure wiring for departments and agencies within the university system.

Network Wiring Installation, Repair or Relocation

Departments requiring installation, repair or relocation of coaxial, fiber or other wired network cables and ports should complete this service request. Department FOAPA required.

New Clinic Expansion

Request ECUP review and approval for a new clinic expansion request.

New Database Development

Submit this request for new Databases needed for Application development or migration.

New U-Store Request

TouchNet Marketplace offers “U-Stores” which is an online storefront that allows campus departments to collect payments online for various purposes such as event registrations, accounts receivable, sale of goods/services, etc. Campus departments who would like to request a U-Store should complete this form.

New, Update or Remove User Request

Users who need to obtain or alter their access, and/or supervisors who need to have access removed for an employee for any of the following systems should complete this form: Clientline, AMEX, Payeezy and Clover.

Non-Banner Canvas Course Request

Departments may request non-Banner Canvas course sites for use in a variety of academic contexts. Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, to determine if Canvas is an appropriate fit. If course participants are not ECU students, additional costs may be associated with the course.

Non-Employee PirateID Extension

Sponsors must extend or reactivate a non-Employee user account (PirateID) after 12 months.

Non-Student Accounts Receivable

Systems Coordination request.


Omeka Support

Omeka is a platform for the display of library, museum, archives and scholarly collections and exhibitions. Omeka provides map and timeline features allowing creation of interactive sites that can include audio and video content. Omeka is primarily used by faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences to share and display digital exhibitions and collections.

OnCore Access and Support

Request an OnCore Account, support or training

OneDrive Cloud Storage

Microsoft's OneDrive is ECU's approved cloud storage solution for students, faculty, and staff.

Operational Data Store (ODS) and Data Warehouse Development & Support

ODS is the university’s data warehouse and is used for reporting against many enterprise systems (i.e., Banner, OneCard, DegreeWorks, JAGGAER, Canvas LMS, Faculty 180, RAMSeS, Etracs). Submit this request to add new ETLs, data or enhancement to the existing database or if you need assistance using the ODS database.

OpScan Test Processing

OpScan grades placement tests, bypass tests, regular tests, student surveys and other Pearson NCS bubble sheets using a specialized scanner.

Other Support

Request assistance not covered by one of the services listed above.


Panopto Video Support

Panopto provides lecture recording, screencasting, video streaming and video content management.


Systems Coordination request.

PCI Review Request (New System/Process)

Campus departments who are interested in purchasing/renewing any software, hardware or services which involvement the processing or payment cards, contracting with a vendor to provide services which include the processing of payment cards, or would like to implement/alter business operations which involve the processing of payment cards should complete this form. The PCI Compliance Committee review requests at their monthly meeting. Do NOT make any changes or sign any contracts until PCI approval has been granted.

PCI Support

This category of requests is directly related to devices in scope for PCI (process credit card information) or the PCI firewall. This includes, but is not limited to, any changes needed for a PCI workstation, adding/removing/relocating workstations/printers, PCI firewall changes, etc.

NEVER enter credit card information into your request.

PCI Support

This category of requests is directly related to devices in scope for PCI (process credit card information) or the PCI firewall. This includes, but is not limited to, any changes needed for a PCI workstation, adding/removing/relocating workstations/printers, PCI firewall changes, etc.

NEVER enter credit card information into your request.


Please proceed to the inMotion self-register link to set up your account using your ECU credentials. A preliminary meeting may be required to assess your marketing needs. We offer limited coverage of events and programs within East Carolina University.

Pirate Academic Success Center Support

PASC staff submit this request for issues with any of our PASC-maintained Dell and Lenovo laptops or Apple iPads.

Piratedrive Storage Support

Piratedrive is a secure network attached storage folder used by some users and departments.

PirateID Username and Passphrase

Activated through the passphrase maintenance portal, the PirateID user account and a secure passphrase are used to access ECU resources.

PiratePort Service & Support

PiratePort is a secure web portal where users access secure internal campus resources and services. Submit this request to report an issue in PiratePort or to request a change or other service in PiratePort.

Point of Sale Terminal Order or Destruction/Deactivation

Campus departments with a consistent need to accept in-person payment may benefit from a POS Terminal, which is a stationary device connected to the internet to process payments. Campus departments who would like to order a POS terminal for an existing merchant account or who need to have an existing POS terminal disposed should complete this form.

Portfolium Portfolio Management

Portfolium is ECU's portfolio creation and management tool for students. Portfolium replaced iWebfolio effective May 12, 2020.


Systems Coordination request.

Printer Support

Submit to request department printer installation, repair or a consult/price quote.

Printing & Graphics

Request graphic design assistance, logo and mark design for COB digital signs, flyers or other bulk printing needs.

Project Concept Form

The Office of Research encourages faculty and students to engage in individual, collaborative, and interdisciplinary inquiry, particularly to ensure continued improvement of COE's programs. The Office provides assistance to faculty and students in a variety of areas.

Project Management Support

The project office provides both project planning and management support services from our team of highly-trained project managers.

Project Proposal

The goal of a research proposal is to present and justify the need to study a research problem and to present the practical ways in which the proposed study should be conducted. The design elements and procedures for conducting the research are governed by standards within the predominant discipline in which the problem resides, so guidelines for research proposals are more exacting and less formal than a general project proposal. Research proposals contain extensive literature reviews. They must provide persuasive evidence that a need exists for the proposed study. In addition to providing a rationale, a proposal describes detailed methodology for conducting the research consistent with requirements of the professional or academic field and a statement on anticipated outcomes and/or benefits derived from the study's completion.


Qualtrics Support

Qualtrics is a browser-based survey software licensed by ECU.


Rapid7 Support & Onboarding

Rapid7 InsightVM is a vulnerability management service that autonomously scans servers, network devices and other applicable systems to assess the vulnerability/exposure landscape as well as ensure these systems are in compliance with campus policies.

Read & Write Licensing

Assistive technology software that reads electronic text/student writing out loud, includes voice dictation, a dictionary/thesaurus and helps with predictive spelling and word choice.

Recruiter for Admissions

The Admissions Portal is designed to help personalize a student's admission experience. Once an account is created, the student can apply for admission, track admission status, receive information pertaining to specific academic interests and sign up for tours and open house events

REDCap Account Access

REDCap is a secure, HIPAA-compliant, web-based application for building and managing online research surveys and databases. Submit this request for a REDCap account.

REDCap Design & Support

REDCap is a secure, HIPAA-compliant, web-based application for building and managing online research surveys and databases. Submit this request for support issues and assistance with data collection instrument development.

REDE Desktop Support (REDE Staff Only)

Desktop Support for REDE staff only. This includes but not limited to, computer re-imaging, network connectivity, ECU supported software, and printer support.

REDE Security Access Change (REDE Staff Only)

Submit this form on behalf of REDE staff onboarding or exiting from the division.

Report and ecuBIC Access and Support

The ECU Business Intelligence Center (ecuBIC) allows users to create specialized reports to support the university's strategic initiatives.

Submit this request if you need access to or assistance with an ecuBIC report.

Request for Access to CareLink

To meet the virtual needs of investigators and research teams, CareLink is being offered to bolster the clinical research infrastructure. CareLink is a web-based application for connecting ECU's organizations and community practices with access to select patient information in the EPIC electronic medical record (EMR) data repository to improve the continuity of care. Investigators and research teams can request access for external parties such as research monitors and auditors to support remote monitoring of clinical trials. Internal users must use the prescribed access to the EMR.

Research Accounting/Grants

Systems Coordination request.

Research Compliance Support

ePirate support, research compliance special projects, and other research analytics requests.

Respondus LockDown Browser

The Respondus LockDown Browser, integrated with Canvas, is a custom browser that locks the testing environment for students.

Respondus Monitor

Respondus Monitor is a software-based video proctoring service that can be used when students take a test in Canvas.

Respondus Test Generator

Respondus is a powerful tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to Canvas.



SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is a software suite developed by SAS Institute for advanced analytics, multivariate analyses, business intelligence, data management, and predictive analytics.

SAS Training

SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is a software suite for advanced analytics, multivariate analyses, business intelligence, data management and predictive analytics. ITCS offers free SAS training.

Security Access Modifications

Changes to Piratedrive Financial Services, Banner Finance FOMPROF records, Banner Finance Activity Codes, and Systems Coordination-developed ecuBIC query subscriptions.

Server Backup Support & Installation

The Netbackup Client is available for enterprise and department servers.


Request assistance or report an issue with ShIP.

Siteimprove Web Tool

Siteimprove assists website owners and contributors in maintaining the high quality and accessibility of the ECU website. Complete this request to receive Siteimprove reports for your website or to request help in making the most of Siteimprove's features.

Site-to-Site VPN Tunnel Request

Use this request if there is a need to connect to a third party server using a VPN tunnel

SNN and PII Use Request

Submit this request for approval to collect, store, use or disclose Social Security Numbers or other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) subject to the North Carolina State Privacy and/or Identity Theft Protection Act(s).

Software Accessibility Review

This required review ensures your software purchase is accessible based on Section 508 and W3C guidelines.

Software Support

Request installation, re-installation or repair of department-purchased software or your computer's operating system.

Spirion Identity Finder Licensing

ECU-managed computers only. Spirion Identity Finder searches your computer and removes Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as credit card, social security and bank account numbers.

Sponsored PirateID Request

The Sponsored PirateID service has been replaced with the new unpaid affiliate process.

Starfish Retention Tool

Starfish is an early-alert retention tool that works through Canvas to support student academic success.

Static IP Address Change

Most devices on the ECU network use dynamic IP addressing, where the IP address periodically changes. However, certain computer programs (Timekeeper, for example) require that a device be assigned a static IP address that does not change. Submit this request if a user in your department has a device that requires a change in static IP assignment.

Static IP Address Request

Most devices on the ECU network use dynamic IP addressing, where the IP address periodically changes. However, certain computer programs (Timekeeper, for example) require that a device be assigned a static IP address that does not change. In special circumstances, some users may require a static IP address for a device with a functional requirement.

Storage Area Network (SAN) Support & Space Request

Request a consult to add a department server or increase storage on a current server in the ITCS Data Center. Backup options also available.


Systems Coordination request.

Student Change Term Request

The Change Term portal is to be submitted by Program Directors and Faculty that have been notified by a graduate student that they would like to change their admission term. Please submit one request for each user

Student Printing Support

ECU's print management program allows students to print, copy and scan classwork. Submit this request to report a print kiosk issue or to request a print job refund.

Student Worker

Request assistance from our pool of student workers.

Supplier Management

Systems Coordination request for Supplier/Vendor Management.

Supported Statistical Software

Statistical software available for ECU users. Includes SAS, Amos, JMP, Mathematica, MATLab, Minitab, NVivo and SPSS.

Systematic Review Request

The Laupus Library Systematic Review Service supports faculty, clinical and research staff, and graduate student systematic reviews. A trained health sciences librarian works to provide assistance with select processes involved in completing a systematic review.


TeamDynamix Development Request

Submit this request for the following: Develop, customize and or update request forms, automation rules, service level agreements, response and task templates, workflows and other system customizations pertaining to the TeamDynamix system.

TeamDynamix Project and Portfolio Management Training

TeamDynamix PPM is a project portfolio management system utilized by East Carolina University to manage projects. The Project Management Office is available to provide you face-to-face training or step-by-step instructions on how to use TeamDynamix PPM. If you need TeamDynamix PPM training, please submit this request.

TeamDynamix User Account Access/Change

Submit this request for the following: Request, change, or deactivate a TeamDynamix user account access for ITCS staff, Non-ITCS Staff or Student Workers or if you are interested in using our TeamDynamix system to track your requests, provide technical support or project management in your respective areas.

Technology Purchase Process

ECU’s technology acquisition process ensures that procurement of all IT equipment, software, Internet of Things devices and services (including cloud services) follows a process of request, guidance, review, then approval.

Technology Security Assessment

Required when purchasing hardware and/or software to ensure compliance with sensitive information guidelines and policies.

Technology Threshold Assessment

The purpose of the Technology Threshold Assessment (TTA) is to aid ITCS in evaluating the information/data in the system and make the appropriate determination about how to treat the information/data, as required by University, State, and Federal regulations.

Telemedicine Support

Multimedia Technology Services provides technical support for Telemedicine on the Health Sciences campus, including HIPAA-compliant equipment selection, network requirements, ECU equipment installation and technical training for on-site IT personnel.

Telephone Service & Support

All campus telephones are digital and utilize the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Submit this ticket to request support or repair, a new telephone or line of service, relocation, caller ID update or a line settings change.

Turnitin Plagiarism Review

Turnitin Plagiarism Review is a set of tools designed to promote academic integrity while improving student writing through targeted feedback.


University Advancement

The University Advancement team provides consultation, development and support for University Advancement-related systems and interfaces to third party systems used by the University Advancement Office. All requests submitted to the University Advancement group need to be approved by the University Advancement Office.

University Multimedia Center (UMC) Project

The UMC team designs and develops multimedia projects for interactive course content and promotional purposes, especially innovative projects that serve distance education (DE).

Unix/Linux Server Support

Hardware/OS support for Unix & Linux servers. The team also provides consultation and best effort support for departments running Unix/Linus servers.


VCL Support

Students remotely access software through the Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) to complete class assignments.

Vendor Interfaces/Transient - ITCS Staff Only

Electronically transfer files via secure ftp server with trusted external systems.

Video Captioning

Captions and transcripts provide accessibility for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Video Production (Provided by Creative Services)

Please proceed to the inMotion self-register link to set up your account using your ECU credentials.

Video East provides a range of video services to support your marketing objectives and strategic initiatives. Our services encompass the entire production process from concept and script development all the way through your final distribution medium.

Videoconference Scheduling

Submit this service request to schedule a classroom or conference room. Techs set up the room and provide support, as needed.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Support

A virtual private network (VPN) is a secure connection between a user’s device and internal ECU campus resources. Submit this form for assistance with VPN or to request a department-sponsored, non-employee account.

Voicemail Service & Support

Request a new voicemail account for a new user, report voicemail issues or request help with resetting a voicemail PIN.

Vulnerability Management Exception Request

Standardized template for Service / System / Application Administrators to submit exceptions for reported vulnerabilities to the Vulnerability Management Committee for review.


Webex Calling Account

The Cisco Webex Calling feature allows you to add one or more phone numbers to Webex for voice calls, voicemail and contact management through your computer or mobile device. Recommended for those who telework and travel.

Webex Conferencing Support

Webex is used for administrative, academic and instructional online communication and conferencing.


Request assistance or report an issue with any COB department website.

Windows Server Support

Hardware/OS support for Windows servers. The team also provides consultation and best effort support for departments running Windows servers.


WordPress is ECU's official content management system for college, school and department websites and is also used to house online information for personal and group websites like research, clubs and courses.


The WWW2 web server hosts HTML websites for special department projects.


Xtender Document Imaging

Xtender is a document imaging and storage system used by administrative staff to capture, organize and retrieve paper and computer-generated documents at ECU. Documents are scanned and available for viewing through Banner INB. The Xtender team provides consultation, development, support and one-on-one or group training for new and existing Xtender applications. Submit this request for questions and training, to modify an existing application or to request a new application.



Yammer is an enterprise social networking service used for private communication within organizations. The power of Yammer is the platform. It allows one person to speak to many for support, to ask questions, to connect with others with common professional interests. Yammer also has a group option for course work or group work.

YouTube Submission

Please proceed to the inMotion self-register link to set up your account using your ECU credentials.

Submit a ticket request to send your video for distribution on East Carolina University's YouTube channel.